Mitchell Ethridge & Carlee Weston went to their special park in Los Gatos 
where Mitchell, my son, wanted to propose there for all its dating memories.
I love to film wedding proposals because they are so special.
 To witness one is just one of the biggest days in my life.

I love it when she says: "Is something happening?" as Mitchell reaches into 
his pocket and he has a smooth recover "No, do you want any gum" ha ha.

Especially when its my own son's proposal to Carlee who we so love so much
and her entire family we got to know at our families lake house last year.
2015 will be a very special year for the Ethridge's and Weston's.
Cheers Mitch and Carlee!


One of the most FUN & COLORFUL weddings on my list.
NFL Safety Thomas DeCoud and Edwina Inocencio fabulous wedding event designed 
and executed perfectly by the prestigious F. Duncan Reyes Events by Design.
Photography was by Brook & Alisha Todd for a sample of their photos below.
The black and white couture hotel in the heart of Berkeley California was the epic spot
for our filming of two families coming together for a crazy good wedding day.
Thomas + Edwina
All music is licensed by SongFreedom.

Alisha Brook Todd Photography


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AVR Films Crew:
David Ethridge
Creative Director/Cameramen/Editor
3 additional Cameramen
3 Canon 5DM2's
3 Canon 7D's
Kessler Dollys
Kessler Crane
Skate Cam
Olympus + Zoom Audio Recorders


I  love filming weddings all over the states and Nebraska was awesome.
Green corn fields as far as you could see with old vintage barns and York Town full of history.
The bride had her aunt's empty victorian house with either the girls getting
hair and makeup on or just a cool room for hanging a couple dresses for the shoot.
We loved filming this charming event with BRIAN MACSTAY PHOTOGRAPHY and both of our crews
for what turned out to be one of my favorite wedding maid of honor toasts here:

AVR_2384IMG_0143AVR_2387AVR_2391755A6139 - Version 2IMG_0146IMG_0145AVR_2378

This wedding was filmed with the following equipment:
 Canon C100
 2 Canon 5DM3
2 Canon 7D
 Steadicam HD2000
Rhino Slider dollys

 Olympus D520/Z00m H4n Audio Recorders
 50mm f1.2
 100mm Macro



We met our Bride Susan at Clos LaChance Winery where Ron and Susan will be tying the knot

for their big wedding day.

Then we headed off for our evening at CordeValle Golf Club in search of the perfect spots for the sunset.

Brian MacStay and I love working together and we create a super fun experience for

our clients as well as double the creativity for each of our shots.

Once we were with Cameras in hand we soon drove off towards the sunset which turned out to

be pretty epic as far as sun rays and great temperature.

A few of Brian’s images are below.

I really like this couple and they are so perfect for each other as we found out in my movie.

Can’t Wait to create your hand crafted Wedding Video at our favorite South Bay Wedding Winery!

Cheers Ron & Susan!

Brian MacStay Photograhy 1

Brian MacStay Photograhy 2

Brian MacStay Photograhy 3

Brian MacStay Photograhy 4

Jake & Andrea

Jake and Andrea have a rich New York family and culture but, also live, laugh, enjoy their active life in California.

I love small private weddings were its all about close friends and family simply being surround by everyones love for a night.

Our wedding videos really capture the essence of each couples background and I love being a part of each family for a day.

We specialize in just wedding videos for our local Bay Area Weddings, Carmel and Monterey Weddings and my favorite

when my brides love my work enough that we send me to a destination wedding video location anywhere in the states, Hawaii,

Tahoe Weddings and Alaska or East Coast Weddings.

My personal favorites are of course coastal beach wedding videos where I always make a weekend out of it with my amazing wife.

Check us out anytime, give me a call, lets hear about your wedding here: http://www.avrfilms.com/


Christopher + Heather

Wish Upon a Wedding

One of thee most touching weddings I have ever filmed was Wish Upon A Wedding for my Bride Heather who was from Portland.

The Northern California Chapter of Wish Upon A Wedding picks a special bride every year that usually is a very special bride.

Heather told us she didn’t know what lies ahead for her in this journey, but she did know that she wanted to celebrate her love for Chris and his unwavering love for her.

She knew that she wanted it “without drama, without stress, and simply in joy.” We like to think that everything was done to make that happen for the both of them.

Heather has been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, and upon her celebration of three years in remission this past February she learned that the cancer has metastasized to her lungs.

”Your idea of ‘future’ changes,” says Heather, who also has a nine-year-old daughter.

Granting her Wedding Wish is just one way that we hope to help them make the most of that future.

This spectacular event would not have been possible if it were not for the kindness and generosity of our vendors from all

over the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, and Portland.

They are affectionately known as Wish Granters:

Venue:Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, CA

Wedding Planner: Shana Goldberg of Simcha Sisters

Photographer: Rachel Capil of Rachel Capil Photography

Cinematographer: David Ethridge of AVR Films

Catering: Nancy Rohan of Paradise Catering

Officiant: Brian Lyke of Life Celebrations

Linens and Decor: Sue Leggett of Classic Party Rentals

DressBrides For A Cause (Portland)

Guitarist: Javier Sanchez of Kelly Productions

DJ Entertainment: Adam Goldstein of Gatsby Entertainment Group

Hair and Makeup: Katie Nash of Kate Nash Beauty

Pies and Sweets: Lauren Martin of Sweet Lauren Cakes

FloristConnie J Moore Floral Design

Stationary: Marian Sosnick of Write Invite

Engagement Photography & Videography: James Kugler of Inspire Film Studios (Portland)


Tony & Denelle

Denelle and Tony were engaged in wine country so what better place to

shoot their Wedding Engagement Video than at the magnificent Castillo de Amarosa in Calistoga!

Our afternoon began, of course, with a wine tasting of Castillo de Amarosa‘s amazing wines!

The winery was incredibly accommodating,welcoming and kind for

letting us use their property as a backdrop for this beautiful couple’s Wedding Engagement Video and Photos!

I would love to have the opportunity to film an event here some day!

Denelle and Tony are getting married in June 2015 at the amazing  

Erhman Mansion in Tahoe!

I can’t wait until their wedding day!

Brian MacStay Photography joined us for the afternoon, and

we spent over two hours on the property filming the couple in the gorgeous light

of a beautiful summer afternoon!

Hope you enjoy a sneak peak of a handful of my favorite photos from Denelle and Tony’s

wedding engagement photos by Brian MacStay Photography.

Hover our cursor over the Pictures and Pinterest any of them.

Hope you enjoy movie and FB LIKE or share our blog posting at the bottom of the Blog.

Brian MacStay Photograhy-90-X3IMG_0851IMG_0798Brian MacStay Photograhy-16-1-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-50-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-15-1-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-13-1-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-70-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-3-1-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-6-1-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-1-21-X3

Wedding Engagement Video St Helena Castillo di Amarosa

Brian MacStay Photograhy-103-X3

Brian MacStay Photograhy-90-X3



Brian MacStay Photograhy-117-X3

AVR Films Bridal Styled Shoot

We spent an afternoon in beautiful wine country on the amazingly gorgeous grounds of Jamieson Ranch Winery in American Canyon

with Brian MacStay Photography.

On a rare weekend where we all didn’t have a wedding we still found a way to all get together for a beautiful afternoon and

create beautiful moments that captivated our eyes and cameras for video and photography.

The day started at La Soie Bridal in Walnut Creek where the immeasurably talented Armando Arabia of Get Your Do Up 

worked his magic with magnificent hair and makeup on the girls.

With bridal wedding dresses from La Soie Bridal we headed for the winery for a beautiful afternoon of filming.

Before we started for the day we all sat for a quick wine tasting to enjoy (required by winery lol) and

little down time and some of the wonderful local Napa Valley wine.

The goal was to simply showcase the work of designer Karla Fuentes and her gowns provided by La Soie Bridal .

Here are a few of my favorite images of the day.

I hope you enjoy this blog!

Check out the awesome images of this shoot at the below by Brian MacStay Photography!


Jamieson Ranch Vineyard Bridal Wedding Shoot VideoNapa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot MacstayNapa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 2Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 3Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 3Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 4
Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 5Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 6Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 9Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 11Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 17Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 14Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 15Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay18
Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 10Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 16Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay19Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 20Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 24Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 27Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 25Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 26Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 28Napa Valley Bride Jamieson Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot Macstay 30

Eric + Nicole

The Wedding Dress, Wedding Venue and of then the Wedding Photographer is
usually the 1st things that get booked soon after the couple gets engaged.
I love a bride who has seen the value of our wedding video and books us up front to
make sure their wedding video is amazing.
Like Melanie who booked us for her Nebraska Wedding with Brian MacStay Photography
over 6 months in advance since she loved our wedding engagement session so much.
If there ever was a powerful wedding video that truly sensed the excitement of the Bride before
the wedding ceremony and the intensity of the bride getting ready well, here is Nicole getting
wedding  jitters and excitement to see her groom Eric.
This wedding video will reveal the real reason for video filmed an composed to bring your
wedding video all together to enjoy for a lifetime.
Don’t wait to book your Wedding Cinematographer at the last minute,
the great Cinematographers book 6 to 12 months out.
You need to call us before the Tsunami of brides come to book us soon over the phone.
Eric and Nicole’s wedding ceremony was for about 10 people in a beautiful back yard with a
view overlooking Los Gatos, CA. 
The emotion captured on video was as big as the bronze wedding sunset golden hour
wedding photography and wedding video happened close to sunset for the epic golden
wedding video moment.
Los Gatos Wedding Video AVR Films