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Happy Wedding day!

Brian and I have been honored to film and shoot

many engagement couples together for a bride who wants

the ultimate experience for an intimate day with her favorite


Dont hesitate to contact

Brian MacStay Photography


AVR Films


Get your do up by Armando 

for your ultimate A Team for the most important

day of your life, your wedding day.

David Ethridge

AVR Films

Nick & Lindsey

The Movie: The Notebook Theme Wedding

It’s really neat to work with a venue wedding manager and watching all the weddings

Lindsey had done for many brides to give them their wedding day.

Today is Lindseys wedding day, her day to be a bride at The Palmdale Estates in Fremont.

And I was her choice to film the greatest day in her life.

So honored Lindsey

Rich & Kelly


Rustic Medical Theme

By Asiel Design

Happy Anniversary Rich & Kelly!

It was a hot day in May at the Holman Ranch wedding venue

but, perfectly all blooming in color and freshness.

This is my wedding Anniversary gift Rich & Kelly.

A Blu-ray Menu Technology online backed up by the

same servers as and its a free account with

AVR Films

No Disks, no thumb drives or hard drives to worry about

and off site accessibility anytime via internet.

This awesome days A-Team was:

Sarah Ward Events

Orbie Pullen Photography

AVR Films

Asiel Design

AVR Films is one of the 1st companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

to offer wedding Blu-ray Quality movie menus online.

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You now can preserve your wedding movie for good on servers

that are even used by

HD Blu-ray Quality 1920 x 1080p,

Couples can Share the movie to a variety means online,
Download a movie,
Play the menu on your smart phone and iPads,
PC or Mac,


on  your 80 inch display on your wall via Apple TV.

Bluray disks, DVD Disks, Hard drives, Thumb drives will
all loose their content eventually.


All my tapes from the 80’s now have nothing on them
of my kids growing up.
Super bummed.


Now the iCloud allows us to upload your HD movie,
create a menu with the Trailer,
Feature Film and Bonus Features like Full Ceremony
and Full Toasts, Performances, etc.

Check out the BONUS FEATURES too above.

Totally interactive movie and menu experience for the wow factor.

Special Thanks for our Photographer who shot this wedding with us,

for his amazing imagery for our menu.


Mitchell Ethridge & Carlee Weston went to their special park in Los Gatos 
where Mitchell, my son, wanted to propose there for all its dating memories.
I love to film wedding proposals because they are so special.
 To witness one is just one of the biggest days in my life.

I love it when she says: "Is something happening?" as Mitchell reaches into 
his pocket and he has a smooth recover "No, do you want any gum" ha ha.

Especially when its my own son's proposal to Carlee who we so love so much
and her entire family we got to know at our families lake house last year.
2015 will be a very special year for the Ethridge's and Weston's.
Cheers Mitch and Carlee!


One of the most FUN & COLORFUL weddings on my list.
NFL Safety Thomas DeCoud and Edwina Inocencio fabulous wedding event designed 
and executed perfectly by the prestigious F. Duncan Reyes Events by Design.
Photography was by Brook & Alisha Todd for a sample of their photos below.
The black and white couture hotel in the heart of Berkeley California was the epic spot
for our filming of two families coming together for a crazy good wedding day.
Thomas + Edwina
All music is licensed by SongFreedom.

Alisha Brook Todd Photography

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AVR Films Crew:
David Ethridge
Creative Director/Cameramen/Editor
3 additional Cameramen
3 Canon 5DM2's
3 Canon 7D's
Kessler Dollys
Kessler Crane
Skate Cam
Olympus + Zoom Audio Recorders


I  love filming weddings all over the states and Nebraska was awesome.
Green corn fields as far as you could see with old vintage barns and York Town full of history.
The bride had her aunt's empty victorian house with either the girls getting
hair and makeup on or just a cool room for hanging a couple dresses for the shoot.
We loved filming this charming event with BRIAN MACSTAY PHOTOGRAPHY and both of our crews
for what turned out to be one of my favorite wedding maid of honor toasts here:

AVR_2384IMG_0143AVR_2387AVR_2391755A6139 - Version 2IMG_0146IMG_0145AVR_2378

This wedding was filmed with the following equipment:
 Canon C100
 2 Canon 5DM3
2 Canon 7D
 Steadicam HD2000
Rhino Slider dollys

 Olympus D520/Z00m H4n Audio Recorders
 50mm f1.2
 100mm Macro



We met our Bride Susan at Clos LaChance Winery where Ron and Susan will be tying the knot

for their big wedding day.

Then we headed off for our evening at CordeValle Golf Club in search of the perfect spots for the sunset.

Brian MacStay and I love working together and we create a super fun experience for

our clients as well as double the creativity for each of our shots.

Once we were with Cameras in hand we soon drove off towards the sunset which turned out to

be pretty epic as far as sun rays and great temperature.

A few of Brian’s images are below.

I really like this couple and they are so perfect for each other as we found out in my movie.

Can’t Wait to create your hand crafted Wedding Video at our favorite South Bay Wedding Winery!

Cheers Ron & Susan!

Brian MacStay Photograhy 1

Brian MacStay Photograhy 2

Brian MacStay Photograhy 3

Brian MacStay Photograhy 4