Olympic Club San Francisco – Kelvin + AnneMarie

The Olympic Club in San Francisco has always been one of my all time favorite locations for
wedding reception especially orchestrated by www.duncanreyes.blogspot.com Events by Design.
Duncan’s events are put together perfectly every time I have worked with him.
This couple was perfect for each other and they truly loved each other.
We used a host of equipment on this wedding.

Olympic Club San Francisco – Kelvin + AnneMarie from David Ethridge – AVR Films on Vimeo.

AVR Film Team:
Creative Director/Producer: David Ethridge
Primary Cameramen: David Ethridge
Secondary Cameramen: Ryan Black
Tritiery Cameramen: Richard Grover
Equipment list:
2 Canon 5DM3
2 Canon 5DM2
2 Canon 7D’s
50mm F1.2
85mm F1.2
70-200mm V2
15mm Fisheye
16-35mm F2.8,
2 Kessler Pocket Dollys
Zoom H4N
Zoom H1N

Tender Moments – A Bride Getting Ready – The Palace Hotel

One of the most exciting parts I love to film is the excitement and laughter that happens while the bride is starting her makeup and hair with all her ladies. The tender moments when her mother presents her with a gift or hair-loom from her grandmother. The bride as she sees her 1st viewing of her bouquets as they are presented to her and the bridesmaids look on. The 1st time her father walks in to see the young girl who has become the beautiful women of a bride. I love placing the dress in some unique place for our cinematic slider just before she puts it on. I love the laughter as the dress is being place on the bride or sometimes just the silence of the moment. I hope you will sense the emotion and tenderness of the moment Im describing in the movie below and allow me to be an important part of your amazing day. Cheers, David Ethridge AVR Films

Tender Moments – Tiffany Getting ready at The Palace Hotel from David Ethridge – AVR Films on Vimeo.

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Video Engagement Session – Thomas + Edwina {Berkeley, CA}

Crazy great time with Thomas & Edwina getting married yesterday and all the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy all day long.

This was a f. Duncan Reyes event with extreme event planner service. In other ward over the top planning.

Orbie Pullen Photography shot this Engagement session with tons of fun and creativeness but,Sir Lester, the Bull Dog,

stole all the attention that day.

We filmed this video starting in Berkely then, Treasure Island and onto the piers at the other end of the Bay Bridge.

We used a Canon 5DM2, 16-35mm, 50mm F1.2 and 70-200mm V2.

Everyone loved the video and hope you do too.

Teaser Trailer soon to come…

Cheers guys!

Video Engagement Session – Thomas & Edwina {Berkeley} from David Ethridge – AVR Films on Vimeo.

The Oceano Wedding – Gabriel + Victoria {Half Moon Bay}

The music used it licensed music by SongFreedom.

Killer day with two wonderful families that came together on a epic wedding day.

Victoria and all her wedding party were all so very good looking that I wishI could rent them out for other weddings.

Great day of fun in the sun after filming a incredible pre-ceremony session in the bridal suite.
I love this suite because its so roomy for allot of people and

a elevator to the entry of the ceremony.
The Oceano is one of my first choices for hotels along the coast and amazing furnishings
everywhere you look.

Venue: http: The Oceano Hotel

Photographer: Thai Mai Photography

Video: David Ethridge

Floral Design: Asiel Design

Cake: Edit Meyer

Epic Engagement Video Session – After the Storm – DSLR Style

This was one of our great all time Engagement Video Sessions.

{Preview movie frames from our movie soon to come}

I picked up my new Client and friends,

Bride Kelly with her Groom Rich,

in Los Gatos and headed on our way to Santa Cruz.

40 minutes on the road to our destination is a great way to really get to know

your couple but, a fun filled, mini private tour by me and my camera

turned out to be an evening that none of us will ever forget.

Plus its rumored that I work for food with a road stop to my favorite coffee shop at the Davenport RoadHouse.

All humor aside, I we headed to Santa Cruz for my transitional beginning video clips with minor

loving for the groom from his very pretty bride and a kiss or two.

Then the fun is on a slope ward clim up to one great location after another.

The peak of the evening is to see what we find on my secret beach.

Most of the time, not a single foot print.

I never know how long it will take but, it always ends up around set on the the walk back

to my trusty 4Runner.

Here are some preview frames from our video soon to be posted.

The wedding is in May.

I let them sneak one in once in a while too.

There is nothing like great lines…

happy Guest…

powerful moments…

some extra energy.,,

and a grand slam.

A grand slam is when a home run is hit while the bases are loaded.

My Canon 5DM2 was locked and loaded for this cliff I love to shoot from at sunset


God delivered the big play.

“The Tour” ends at my favorite place.

The beach.

I told them to race to the top of the hill.

As you can tell, they both froze for a moment that should only be shared by two.

There was so much more to come since this was just our first moment on the beach.

The Sunset was Epic…as usual.

{It’s a word I use allot when Im having too much fun}


Canon 7D


70-200mm V2 F2.8

24mm F1.2

135mm F2.0

50mm F1.2


HD 4000 Steadicam

Manfrotto Monopod