We have the below packages as well as A LaCarte options that can

be added to any package.

Typically the AVR10 hour package captures most of the day and AVR12 captures to the end of the night.

We have special skill and experience in filming weddings for creating hand crafted wedding movies for over 20 years.

We’re a favorite for many Event Planners and the main referral for many venues who trust our professionalism.

Pricing and availability is subject to change, so please contact us for current pricing.

Our average bookings take place usually minimum of 6-12 months out.

Final Product for packages you have a choice of item 1 or 2.

1. Leather Like Designer Blu-ray Disc (BD) with a directly printed wedding photo on it. Next to the BD is a 3×4 photo.

    Externally a 2×2 photo on the cover.

    Blu-Ray Disc has a menu like most rental movies but, menu links for the Feature Film, Full Ceremony and Full Toasts.

    Movie total length is approx 1 to 1.5 Hours long.


2. USB Thumb Drive with custom labeling and a super nice case.

Final product also includes:

3. External Mac Formatted drive with entire Adobe Encore & Premiere Pro Wedding Projects included with

AVR 10 and AVR 12.

4. Smart Phone or Ipad movie file

5. Premiere viewing of Feature Film online.

 All weddings include David Ethridge as your primary cameraman, creative producer of composed movie and no charge for

 extra fun with me.

 I really want to be a part of your wedding and to simply enjoy the moment of two families coming together for an amazing

 great day.


  • 12 Hours
  • 4 DSLR Cinematographers
  • 30 min Hand Crafted Feature Film
  • 3 Designer BD Albums
  • Raw Footage on an external hard drive
  • iPhone/iPad Movie
  • Online Highlight Movie
  • Engagement Movie


  • 10 Hours
  • 3 DSLR Cinematographers all day
  • 20 Min Hand Crafted Feature Film
  • 2 Designer BD Albums
  • Raw Footage on an external hard drive
  • iPhone/iPad Movie
  • Online Highlight Movie


  • 8 Hours
  • 2 DSLR Cinematographers all day
  • 10 min Hand Crafted Feature Film
  • 1 Designer BD Albums
  • Online Highlight Movie

A LA CARTE Options

  • Same Day Edit
  • Designer DVD Album copies
  • Engagement Video {E-Session}
  • iPhone, AppleTV, iPad Movies Reception
  • Picture Montage (Projector, screen and player included)

Please contact us for more information about our packages or with any other questions.